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  • 1988: G. Fidakis & Co. is founded by George Fidakis and activates in the import and distribution of air conditioners, in cooperation with FUJITSU GENERAL for the Greek market.
  • 1994: THANKO S.A. is founded with primary purpose the construction of company’s premises.
  • 2001: THANKO S.A. is renamed to FG EUROPE S.A. and takes over the activity of G. Fidakis & Co. FG EUROPE S.A. activates officially in the air conditioning sector having a portfolio with brand names such as FUJITSU, GENERAL, FUJI ELECTRIC & CLIVET becoming leader in a short period of time. In addition, the company takes over the exclusive distribution of FUJITSU, GENERAL & FUJI ELECTRIC products in Italy and in Balkan countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina and FYROM.
  • 2002: FG EUROPE S.A. becomes the major shareholder of ESKIMO S.A. The two companies are merged with FG Europe absorbing Eskimo and renaming it into F.G. EUROPE S.A.
  • 2003: Fidakis Group enters in the field of energy production through HYDROELECTRICAL ACHAIAS S.A.
  • 2006: Fidakis Group strengthens its presence in the field of Renewable Energy Sources, expanding its areas of activity with the establishment of RF ENERGY S.A.
  • 2008: FG EUROPE S.A. becomes the exclusive distribution of FUJITSU GENERAL products in Turkey.
  • 2012: Agreement with MIDEA for the exclusive representation and distribution of air condition products in Greece.
  • 2014: Establishment of subsidiaries in Italy (FG Europe Italy Spa) and Turkey (FG Europe Klima Teknolojilery AS).
  • 2015: FG EUROPE S.A. undertakes the exclusive representation and distribution rights of the MIDEA A/C products for the Balkans countries.
  • 2017: Establishment of the subsidiary in UK (FG Europe UK Limited).

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